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Since we are lacking a map at the moment, I thought it might be wise to post a list of locations your character can visit within Scurvytown. Currently, there are no other islands or spits of land for characters to travel to.

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Please let us know in a comment what character you would like to reserve, and what fandom he / she is from. Potential players, you have one week to turn in your application from the time we see your reservation.

Current character reserves:

Jacuzzi Splot by kotonaru; reserved 3/23/08

Death Note:
Matt by nami_assasin; reserved until 3/28/08
Mello by expertease; reserved until 3/24/08

We like characters. Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dog!


The following are characters that cannot be applied for. Alphabetized by series name.

If you are accepted, please copy-paste the following form and fill out your information in a comment to this post.


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Please post your applications here.



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KUHN: Kuhn is a man whose only true love is the sea, and even then he has a bit of a problem committing to that. Kuhn is a ladies' man through and through, though that persona covers a hidden insecurity; he is very approachable to those that he wants to be, though he keeps most personal information to himself and doesn't open up to others in a serious manner very often. He has many people that flock to him because of his natural charisma and good-looks, but he prefers to keep people at an arm's length. He is loyal to those he trusts and does his best to look out for them in any way he can. While he has a strong sense of justice, he avoids having more responsibility in his life, fearing that it might make him old. Clinging to his youth makes him slightly immature in some ways, but he is still a good friend to have when in need of someone who will stand by them. He's also... not the best actor, and he's a bad liar.

CAPTAIN SHAKESPEARE: Captain Shakespeare is, in a word, fearsome. To those who know nothing of this man but what his reputation allows, he is truly a frightening man to behold. However, to his crew members, he is absolutely beloved by those who serve under him due to his sensitivity and love of the arts and cross-dressing. He is known to have a few... questionable hobbies, but his crew members never question them.

TAKESHI GOTANDA: A man with as many mysteries surrounding him as there are hairs on his head. He is an enigma, even to his crew members, and even though he is a fairly congenial guy with a bit of a lazy streak, there lies a much darker secret behind the eyepatch he wears. He fights with a baseball bat, keeping his enemies at bay with a mighty swing that could shake the cosmos if he could only hit something so large.

EDWARD: Don't let her stature fool you--Edward is a fearsome pirate, or that's what the rumors say. It's hard to tell with an outward appearance such as hers. She is easily excitable and can't seem to focus on much of anything, so it's not known as to how she became captain, only that she is. She acts as though she has the mind of a child, and is overly friendly to everyone. Edward has an affinity for technology, and is a genius when it comes to anything having to do with it. Disassembling especially is her forte.


ALL OF THE ABOVE CHARACTERS ARE AVAILABLE FOR THREADING AT ANY TIME! Simply send an e-mail to deadmenmods[at]gmail[dot]com with "NPC request" in the subject line, or you can contact a mod for the request. Please note that the mods reserve the right to refuse a request, depending on their availability and the nature of the thread.